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You’re Invited…

You are invited to learn a new level of energetic mastery that will quantum leap you into more magnetism, more money, and more magic as a Projector.

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You were born into a world that expects you to work and operate like a Generator, while the spiritual community expects you to want to nap in the bathtub and be lazy all the time. 


This leaves Projector women feeling exhausted, burnt out, and like they are not hitting their true potential (because they are already running on fumes.) 


But the reality is that every Projector is not only different, but has different superpowers within their design. And in this program, we will be going deep into how to know what invitations are, how the magic truly lies within the waiting period, and how to run a successful 6 figure business without burnout.

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You were not made to hide behind mismanaged energy. 

You were made to be penetrating.

You were created to be a literal magnet for everything you desire by utilizing your ability to laser in on exactly what is necessary to make your dreams a reality.


And your design holds the roadmap for you to unleash and embody your magnetism to create more ease and flow in your reality.

In your business. 

In your relationships. 

In how you create wealth. 

In all areas. 

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In Invited - a  6 week program exclusively for Human Design Projectors, Kelly Mahalak - Human Design Mentor, and Andrea Franco - a Projector who created over $800k in her business in the first two years, both multiple 6-figure coaches, are breaking down how to utilize your energy and make bank using your specific Human Design. 


Not all Projectors are created equal. There are 3 different types of Projectors and 5 different Authorites, or decision making processes, that a Projector can have. 


We are going to dive deep into each one so you can understand exactly what kind of Projector you are and how to utilize your energy and make decisions in a way that is fully unique to you for maximum success and ease in your life and business. 

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As a Projector - Your energy signature is SUCCESS. 

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You were literally designed to be hungry for success in all areas of your life. It is time to release the guilt around this and step into your fullest potential.  No more dimming or hiding your power. No more trying to work your business as a Generator would with endless hustle and grind.


This program is for Projectors at any phase of business. 


Whether you’re trying to get started but keep spinning out in confusion, inconsistent energy, unable to get things off the ground…


Or if you’ve created a successful business that has you feeling overworked and burned out, wondering how in the hell you can sustain this pace….


When you don’t know how to manage and utilize your energy - no matter where you’re at in your business, you’ll  find yourself hitting the same roadblocks over and over again. 


Exhaustion. Confusion. Feeling stuck. Overwhelm.


You are so ready to master the magnetism that calls people in more fluidly into your business.

You are ready to build your empire on a solid foundation of ease and energetic management. 


If this sounds like you - this is your invitation. 

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The Weekly Breakdown: 

Image by Adrien Olichon

Week 1: 
Learn what an invitation really is and what the hell you’re supposed to do while you wait for them:  You’ll move past perfectionism and get unstuck with a peek behind the scenes of what it really looks like to be a successful Projector running a business. 

Week 2: 
How do you know what to do and when to do it? You’ll learn how to schedule and manage your energy without getting burnt out. Allowing rest and tapping into the trust within us to know what feels good and what doesn’t. 

Week 3: 
How to market as a Projector and create magnetism for your business offerings. How to turn on that magnetism to network and show up in a way that allows you to say yes to the invitations around you.


Week 4: 
How to create, launch, and sell a program as a Projector. We will be going into all things launch strategies, offer creation, and more to help you create a solid strategy that fits your unique energy. 

Week 5:
Step into leadership with income  diversification as we explore how to hire, delegate, and make multiple offers so you are always being paid - even when you aren’t working. This is what will make you a powerful Projector CEO. 

Week 6:
Our final week is a Q+A to solidify anything that comes up over our 6 weeks together, and to allow you to jump into the hot seat for coaching with Kelly and Andrea! 


All calls are scheduled for Fridays at 12 pm EDT with our kick-off call on May 7th!

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Your investment:

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