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Become the Queen that you were created to be

Queens rule.
Queens reign.
And you, my dear, were born to do the same.
You possess within you the energy of a Queen.
Within you lies the spirit of a goddess.
But if you don't know how to access and use it, the Queen inside of you cannot take her throne.
Instead of reigning, you hustle and grind yourself
to burn out.
All hustle and no flow makes for a very dull life.
You created your soul-inspired business because you wanted freedom, but you feel more chained than ever.
More work. More time.
But never the results that you want.
Or maybe you haven't taken the leap into making that dream of yours a reality.
Maybe all of your greatest ideas and desires get stuck inside of you and you are ready to let them out.
Whatever is it.
Wherever you are.
It's time to stop dreaming.
It's time to stop having great ideas that you allow fear to steal from you.
It's time to stop wasting your life throwing shit at the wall and hoping that something sticks.
It's time to stop taking action for the sake of action
living it a state of total inaction.
This is not how a Queen rules.
It's time to straighten your crown.
If you're ready for...
...more clients
...more money
...more time
...more confidence
...better relationships
...better sex
...more pleasure
...more joy
...more peace
...and a life and business that you are obsessed with
It's time to take the throne and become a (Wo)manifestation Queen.
This 12 week Mastermind will help you understand and incorporate the essence of the Divine Feminine into your life and business so you can live and work from a place of energetic alignment and see more results with less hustle.
(Wo)manifestation Queen 
  • 12 FULL Masterclasses 
  • 3 group coaching calls  
  • Q&A sessions with Kelly in the private Facebook group
  • Daily journal prompts and discussion questions
  • Heal Your Shit Systems: practical, tangible things to go and DO to help you heal your shit and step into your Queen energy
  • Weekly Intuitive Coaching Sessions
  • Exclusive Live video content ($300)
  • Guest Speakers and Teachers ($500)
  • Recorded meditations ($77)
  • Exclusive Sacred Women's Circle ($111)
  •  A copy of Authenticity Is The New Black ($22)
(Wo)manifestation Queen is currently closed.
Content will be delivered in our private, Facebook Mastermind group.
Only 15 women will be accepted for this round.
with 3 months of Voxer voice and text messaging
to receive unlimited access to Kelly and have daily personalized check ins and discussions.
Contact Kelly with question
or to set up a FREE Clarity Call 

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