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who is she?

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When you think of yourself at the height of success…


Living the life you dreamed of, doing the work you were put here to do…

Doing, having, and being everything that you know deep down in the depths of your soul that you are meant for…


What does that look like? 


Who is She? 

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One of the biggest lies we’ve been taught to tell ourselves is that we have to hit some sort of accomplishments, markers, or goals in order to be worthy and deserving of the life we were put here to live. 


We need to hit that goal in our business before we are considered successful. 

We need to have the partner before seeing we are worthy of love and pleasure. 

We need to have the car, the handbag, the stamps in our passport - in order to be happy and realize the fullness of who we are.


And every moment we don’t have those things, we are losing time to being a lesser version of ourselves. 


We are allowing this next-level version of who we long to be to stay just out of reach… 


Except the goalpost is ever moving and no matter what we do or achieve or have in life, we never seem to make it to becoming HER. 

She remains a far off, mythical creature that we can never fully grasp. 

A mirage of ourselves always living somewhere off in the future.


The thing is, “She” is not someone else you have to earn your way to becoming through external verifications.


You’ve got it all wrong. 

Becoming her is an internal experience. 

And when we do the work to fully step into the energy and vibration of who She is - you’ll see that she was you all along. 


So Who Is She? 


She is YOU. 


Wild. Worthy. Wealthy. 

You don’t have to wait in yearning anymore for an unrealistic standard or expectation of yourself. 


There is no where to go. No one to become.


Only the Rebecoming of Who You Are, Who You have always Been - and the Unbecoming of what was never really you in the first place. 

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I’m Kelly Mahalak.

Embodied Leadership Coach and Multiple Six Figure CEO at The 10 Hour Workweek.


For years, I kept thinking that if I could just get the clients and the money, everything would change.


I’d finally feel good enough. I’d finally stop feeling like such an imposter on the internet. 


I’d be seen and loved. I’d be safe and secure.


But the more I longed for my external reality to give me what I needed and felt missing from my life, the further and further away it seemed. 


And even when I did get the client, meet the man, or receive the cash - it never felt the way I wanted it to.


I was still anxious and afraid. I was still unhappy. 

Because it always felt fleeting. 


So I decided to set out on a journey to give myself what I needed most - safety, security, love, validation, joy, and peace. 


And wouldn’t you know it, the more I cultivated these feelings and beliefs within myself, the more clients, money, and men showed up in my life. 


When I became the self-secure, self-validated, self-sourced version of myself - I magnetically attracted everything I desired.

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We’re getting the order of operations backwards here. 

Looking to the external to dictate our internal.


When it’s our internal world that ultimately dictates our outward experience. 


If you want to change your life, you’ve first got to change your mind. 

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Becoming the woman you were always meant to be - the woman you were before the world told you that you weren’t enough - is a journey of the Soul. 


So, Who Is She? 


She is Wild.


A force to be reckoned with.

She knows who she is, what she wants - and she’s not afraid to go after it. 


People pleasing? Please! 

As the wild woman you learn to live for your own pleasure and satisfaction. For your own purpose and passion. 


You claim what is yours and are no longer distracted but what the world wants you to be. 


You are wild. You are free.

To be ALL of you. 

And if anyone thinks you’re too much, they can go find someone less.


She is Worthy


She knows who she is and she doesn’t need to keep up with the Joneses or the Bali Beach Boss Babes to prove it. 


Because the truth is- you may not want to be traveling the world and drinking champagne, while buying another luxury bag to have a photoshoot with. 


Or maybe you fucking do. 


Maybe you want to be able to have free time to watch your children grow up, always have time for a midday pleasure session, and buy that membership to your local yoga studio and buy organic groceries without so much as batting an eye. 


But regardless of what you truly desire for your life - when you are living from a space of inherent worthiness, you tap into the next levels of wealth, attuning yourself to receive more and more - while enjoying and getting every last drop of the juiciness that is alive and present for you in the now. 


Meaning, shit starts feeling better long before you get the things. 


She is Wealthy 


She knows she gets to have and do everything she desires because she is BEing it first. 


Operating from that place of unlimited abundance, where you count everything - opens up limitless possibilities. 


There is a place deep inside of you, a stillness, deep in your core. It is pure Presence.


Connecting to this place leaves you with absolutely no needs. Everything you have ever thought you wanted or needed exists in this space.


And when you learn to connect to it - which I am going to teach you how to do - you can create anything. 


This is where true wealth comes from.


When you know that you create everything you need, you will never go without again. 

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When you close your eyes and fast forward 5 years - and every dream, desire, and wish for your life and business has come true - what does that look like? 

How does it feel? 


Who are you? 


What if you could become her right now, from right where you are at?

As we close out 2021 and move into 2022, we are no longer playing small.

We are no longer settling for good enough.


We are no longer waiting for someone or something to hand us our golden ticket and tell us “You’ve made it!”


We are no longer waiting for permission from anyone or anything to make more money, have the relationships, or anchor deeply into the freedom and peace you have so deeply desired. 


We are taking ownership over our experience and getting really fucking real with ourselves, our desires, and our power to discover - Who She REALLY is - finally allowing OURSELVES to become Who we were always meant to be - Who we’ve always been deep down, all along. 


Under all of the conditioning, the old stories, and old programming. 

Under the patterns of scarcity, overworking, and people pleasing.

Under all of the energetically disconnected ways, we have been unconsciously operating. 


We are not half-assing our desires or accepting anything less than EVERYTHING that we truly want. 


But that requires healing and introspection into Who You really Are.. 

It requires us to be really fucking honest with ourselves. 


And I am here to help you every step of the way.


4 weeks. 

4 trainings. 


And by 2022 - 

I want you to walk away from this so on fire, so ignited, and so turned on by the fullest, most tapped in expression of you - of your connection to your inherent wealth and your inner power -  that people start to notice something different. 


They see that you show up in a whole new way. 

They feel that you hold a different frequency. 

That you radiate a deep Knowing.

You are magnetic. Irresistible. 


There is something that they just can’t take their eyes off. 


And they will only be left to ask one question… 


“Who is She?”

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