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Image by Alessio Soggetti

The Temple of I 

A 9 Month Initiation Into Your Sacred Self


You were made beautifully.

Perfect. Complete.


Everything about you, intricately designed and destined for this life, this earth, this time.


Your gifts and talents.

Your voice and presence.


Are needed. Necessary.

For such a time as this.


The ways that you have adapted to protect yourself have served you and saved you. 


The masks, the shrinking, and the conforming have brought you here.


But it’s time to let it all go.


Time to unbecome everything which is not you so that you can rebecome everything You Truly Are.


Everything you’ve been seeking, chasing, and striving for has been in you all along. 


And now, you are being invited to uncover it.

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Welcome to The Temple of I 


Over 9 months, we will journey through 8 feminine archetypes as we unfold the fullest, freest, most embodied version of who you were created to be.

Image by Joyful

Month One: Enter the Temple

Introductions. Container and Intention Setting.


Month Two: The Bitch 

Your secret weapon of wisdom, she holds your deepest secrets and desires. 


Month Three: The Huntress

Fierce and independent, she is ready to fight for what she believes in and cut out anything that may stand in her way. 


Month Four: The Enchantress

Release the wild woman within, feeling the full range of your humanity and feminine wisdom. 


Month Five: The Whore

Embrace your pleasure and sexuality as a form of unique feminine magic and healing. 


Month Six: The Mother

Devoted and pure, we create and give life through her love. 


Month Seven: The Sage

Our inner wise woman knows the Truth of who we are and what to do. 


Month Eight: The High Priestess

Wherever you go, is holy ground. 


Month Nine: The Queen

Fully embodied. Fully in her power.

Ready to rule.

Image by Cat Han

As a member of The Temple of I you will get:


Monthly Archetype Trainings 

Monthly Embodiment Workshops

2 Group Coaching Calls each month 


3 - 1:1 calls to use during the 9 months 


Ongoing Facebook group for community, discussion, and questions


An invaluable sisterhood to walk alongside


*Calls will be held the first 3 Wednesdays of each month at 1pm Eastern. We start September 1st. 

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