Amy Guthrie

HD Reader

So you've decided to explore your Human Design. It's about frickin' time.
My design has showed me that my true purpose is to help YOU get back to yourself, whatever that might mean....we get esoteric sometimes. (It's okay. I promise to break it all down for you.)
I specialize in helping humans find their purpose after experiencing transitions.

Feeling some sort of way about approaching 30?
Not enjoying the idea of "mom jeans" or a "dad bod now that you have started to understand how those things even exist?"
Wondering how you didn't invent (Insert app here) because you know you had that idea AGES ago? (or maybe what you've done with the last cluster of years?)
Approaching those "golden years" and wondering why you should even bother? (and who the hell calls them "golden" anyway?)

As a 2/4 generator, I am here with my stores of energy to help hold space (Yeah, I can tell you what TF that means too), unlock the design you already hold, and introduce you to the idea of who you are truly designed to be. I am also insanely practical.
This experiment can not be fucked up. It's human, so it's bound to be messy. No worries, one of my talents is cleaning all sorts of things. After all, without change, nothing grows. We are here to grow some shit. (namely: YOU)
You ready? I am too.
I don't have any fancy website or scheduling portal. Like I said, I'm insanely practical and haven't gotten there yet. Don't worry. Follow the links and I will respond in a timely way.
I am waiting for you, after all.