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June 20-23, 2024

For Witches and Lazy Bitches

Escape the world and run away to the woods of Western Kentucky

for a weekend of fun, friendship, and respite from the

busyness of business and every day life. 

This 4 day, 3 night experience is the perfect time to connect with nature, yourself, and others through a slow-paced, relaxing, yet invigorating vacation from life, designed to help you re-discover pleasure and play in a restful and easy-going environment.

This is NOT a spiritual retreat that will have you digging deep into your inner psyche, pushing your limits, and "doing the work".

Feral Girl Summer Camp is a place to let the work do you as you sink deep into relaxation, spaciousness, and enjoyment.

Things you'll find at Summer Camp:

  • Early morning meditation and gentle movement

  • Nature walks 

  • Clothing Optional Swimming in a private, spring-fed lake

  • Mandatory mid-day quiet hours/nap time

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Games and Group Entertainment

  • Home-cooked meals that nourish you body & soul

  • Camp fires and s'mores

  • Taylor Swift, Noah Kahan, and Fleewood Mac singalongs

  • Emotional support animals to play with and cuddle

  • Sleepover style accommodations to encourage community

  • Plant-medicine friendly environment 

"Gardening supplies" not included

Everything at Feral Girl Summer Camp is a suggestion.

You will be empowered to choose your own adventure amongst

a variety of options and activities, to craft the weekend experience

that you desire and need.


Feral Girls Summer Camp is located approximately 100 miles

from the Nashville Airport (BNA)


Check-in begins on Thursday, June 20th at 2pm Central Time


Camp officially begins after check-in at 4pm  


All meals, beverages, and snacks are included


Sleeping accommodations are "sleepover style" 


We recommend bringing your own pillow and sleeping bag


While FGSC is 420-friendly, it is strictly BYO


Camp will end at 12pm on Sunday, June 23rd


All guests must leave the property by 2pm

FGSC is held at a private residence.
Space is limited, so don't wait!

Camp Staff Bios

Rachel Symington
Camp Host and Counselor


Your resident ADHD goblin, amateur stand up comedian, and co-host of Feral Girl Summer Camp. My current hyper focuses are crocheting, embroidery, herbalism, and witchery. You can usually find me taking nature hot girl walks, laying in my hammock, taking a bath, playing Nintendo Mario kart with my kids, volunteering as a beekeeper at my local park, swimming/floating in my lake, or eating chicken wings while smoking a bowl and laughing till I cry with the bestie (Greg).


For my day job, I teach bleeding folks how to understand, love, and use their menstrual cycles (and the seasons) as the super powers it is. I also have mentored dozens of women and non-binary folk how to run a successful business while prioritizing their joy & body’s needs/natural rhythms.


Once a year, I love opening up my family home to campers so that others can feel the magic of this space, slow down, connect with nature, and fill their cups.

Kelly Mahalak
Camp Counselor 

She's here, she's queer, and she's ready for summer camp this year!

I'm Kelly, your co-facilitator and Feral Girl Camp Counselor and I honestly look forward to this weekend and being with you, so much!

I am a single, homeschooling mom to 3 amazing humans that I adore. Professionally,
I support Marxists, Mary Oliver lovers, and Magdalene Priestesses in creating and running alternative businesses with a holistic support model that prioritizes people over profits. 


When I'm not working or driving my daughters to dance, I'm usually hold up in my bed watching Bravo and snuggling with my cats, or I'm on an internet deep dive about Taylor Swift or the latest celebrity conspiracy theories.


My deepest desire is to create a legacy of well-rested and deeply-nourished women that support themselves by leveraging their gifts and experiences to help others.

Groundskeeper & Maintenance 



Hi I’m Greg!


I enjoy yard work, being in nature, games of all kinds, and late night laughs with my best friend (Rachel). I’m obsessed with our 3 cats and puppy!


You’ll see me around camp from time to time prepping the fire pit, cleaning up, and making sure everything on the property runs smoothly during your stay.


Don’t be alarmed by my outer masculine presentation for inside I exist solely to serve at the feet of the goddesses.

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Camp Cat

I’m Violet and my mommy rescued me in Aug '21 at 3 weeks old after I was found abandoned in a building. I’m majestic and gorgeous in all the ways…and I know it. I speak a few words of human in order to get them to do my bidding (i.e. feed me, open the door, etc). I might be serving cunt on the outside, but when I’m really comfortable with you I’ll roll over and wanna play with you like I’m a precious baby newborn kitten.


Tilly and Mila
Camp Cats

I'm Tilly, on the left. I might be the oldest non-human in the house, but I am BABY GIRL. If I’m not cuddled up with humans that give me good vibes, I find the coziest places to sleep the day away. I’m known as the emotional support kitty of the family bc if someone is upset/crying, I will come to comfort them.

And I'm Mia on the right. I was rescued along with my sister Tilly when our humans saw that I was going to be the only one left unadopted from our litter. I’m super chill, love running water, scratching posts, laying in the sun, and curling up nearrrr the humans but I prefer my personal bubble. If I want lovings, I will make it VERY clear.


Camp Dog

Recognize me? I’m a 1.5yo Berniedoodle who loves guiding my humans on walks through the woods, swimming in the lake, tracking mud into the house, and chasing squirrels. But most of all I love love love humans, cuddles, and attention!

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