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(re)claiming your energy and pleasure as a Human Design Generator or Manifesting Generator

It’s time to reclaim your energetic capability to live a really, *really* fucking good life.

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Generator and Manifesting Generators - I know what they tell you. 


That you should be filled with never ending energy, capable of going for hours and hours with no rest.  


They say that you can build anything from the ground up, without question, and without hesitation…


And after a long day of giving your everything, you will say thank you for the crumbs you are given...


But they aren't taking into account the fact that you are a pleasure-driven being. 


That your yeses and nos are sacred acts that shouldn’t be taken advantage of. 


And that there are decades of conditioning you are working through in order to release the old programming of over-promising and over-delivering in order to be “liked” and “accepted”.


You have to show up online a certain way.

Write copy a certain way. 

Launch a certain way. 

Hold all the space and never get any in return.

Look and be and talk a certain way. 

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And it’s mother fucking exhausting.

I so often find women frustrated, overwhelmed, overworked, and feeling like they are trapped under the weight of needing to “do it all”.


This disconnection from our sovereign sacral energy creates scenarios like: 

-Clients who ask for more than is included in their contracts and you find yourself saying yes because you have been made to feel like you owe them something. So you do it begrudgingly, but you feel disempowered, exhausted, and resentful for not holding your boundaries.


-Friends who never show up for you, are always asking you for another favor, and even though you don’t want to, you find yourself saying yes anyway.

-Staying with the partner who doesn’t prioritize your pleasure or your joy because it is “good enough” for you to keep your yearning at bay, but lacks satisfaction.


-Showing up at Suzy’s Tupperware party and buying shit you don’t need when you didn’t even want to be there in the first place. 

-Living in your inbox, answering emails, dms, texts, and Voxers 24/7, as soon as you see the message come through. 

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All of this happens when you don’t trust yourself or your body. When you prioritize others over yourself and get caught in working for other people’s happiness instead of your own. 


But you aren’t going to settle for crumbs anymore, are you?

You want the whole damn meal and never again will you sell yourself out and accept anything less. 


It’s time to reclaim sovereignty over your entire life and expand your capacity to experience more pleasure than you ever thought possible. 


It is literally written within your energetic blueprint. 


You deserve to feel satisfied.

In every sense of the word.

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You don’t ask for too much… you’ve just been conditioned to accept less than you deserve.

You deserve that pulsing, living, breathing soul-shattering pleasure. 


And the truth is, you were made for it - designed to receive it all. 


So... what's stopping you from saying “Yes, More, please”?


From drinking in deep and sucking the marrow out of your life? 


I want you to finally be Satisfied.

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This 6 module audio program will help you (re)claim your energy and pleasure as a Generator or Manifesting Generator.

You’ll get: 

-Six modules to dive deeper into your sacral, your pleasure, and your magic as a Generator-type

- 2 Bonus Trainings on Manifestation and Moneh 

- Sacral-Led Program Creation Prompts

-BONUS: The Profit Portal

A 2 Hour Masterclass to show you your unique design for

Purpose, Passion, Power, Pleasure, and Prosperity


You’ll be given the knowledge and tools to get tapped into your seductive, sacral life force and reclaim your power, energy, talents, and gifts for YOURSELF. 


This is about learning how to sit back, open up, and 

r e c e i v e, and not have to do all of the work all of the time. 


I don't want to just help you build the things in the external, I want to make sure you are fully fucking satisfied, from the inside out, every spine-tingling, toe-curling step of the way. 

As a Manifesting Generator myself, I know this work intimately.


Just a few years ago, I was hustling my ass off as a single mom of three, barely making ends meet, putting 80 hours a week into my business. 


Every moment was consumed by giving something to someone. My work. My clients.  My kids. Even my social events felt more like an obligation than a release. Baby showers. Birthdays. 


Every moment of my day spoken for by someone else who needed me in one way or another. 


But one day, I decided enough was enough. 

It was time to reclaim my life and my energy. 


I got rid of all of the clients I had in bad packages that left me overworked and underpaid - all negotiated in the name of service. 


I reevaluated my schedule and pricing to make more room for myself in my days and more alignment in the energetic exchange of my work. 


I got very familiar with the phrase, “I won’t be able to make it,” and gave myself permission to say no when it didn’t feel good - even on Thanksgiving. Sorry (not sorry), Mom. 


This kind of radical permission to start saying NO gave me the space in my life to start saying YES to what did light me up. 


Rest. Relaxation. Hobbies. Fun. Pleasure. Play. 


And every time I allowed myself to sink deeper into that permission, my income increased - even as my workload and hours decreased. 


In less than a year I went from barely making ends meet and working non-stop, to a multiple six figure earner working 10 hours a week. And all while taking bubble baths, eating burgers and fries naked in bed, and having dance parties in my underwear. 


I’ve never had so much success - and it’s been paired and powered by the pleasure and ease that came from giving myself and my sacral permission to release the old ways of creating and working that Generator-types come hardwired with in the world. 


This is our work as Gens and ManiGens:

to create a new way of living and working for ourselves and for the future. 

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Generator-types come into this world with these feelings of obligation and being required to work hard and give our energy away embedded into our systems. The shadow of the Generator energy allows itself to be co-opted to create for others’ benefit and gain. 


That shit has got the end. 


We see it as the way that so many people are out there in the world working and giving their lives away to Corporate America and the Patriarchy. 


Many of us get into entrepreneurship and free-lancing with big dreams, but we are so hardwired to give our energy away that we end up trading one set of chains in corporate for another in entrepreneurship, and at the end of it - we become our own shitty boss. 


We overgive, we say yes to clients and containers that are not fully aligned with our true passions, we create what we think will sell instead of what brings us joy, and this old paradigm of working and building ends here and now with this program and this work. 


This work is centered on getting you back into your body and learning how to call back your own inner energy for your own purpose, your own passion, your pleasure, and your own satisfaction. This is about calling back your sovereignty and connection to your energetic domain and power as a Generator-type. 


This work can be deep - and it’s manifestation in our lives is different for each of us based on our conditioning, our culture, and our identities. This work and this program are open to female-identifying Generators and Manifesting Generators of all cultures, races, and ethnicities. Who you are, your history, and your lived experiences are welcomed in all of their fullness and will be held and loved as we explore our individual and collective healing in this space.

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In Satisfied, we are focusing on:

-Understanding the sacral - it is not just a sexual energy of turn-ons and turn-offs.

-How to give really good fucking nos so we have the space for those really good yeses. 

-How to know our yeses when they come to us, and have discernment around our sacral energy and gifts.


-How to hack the system through pleasure, to help us understand what it feels like to use our energy for our own purposes. 

-Breaking people-pleasing patterns of obligation that keep us over-giving and out of receiving mode 

-Joy, celebration, and living a life that is in service to yourself, and also to the world.


This is a self-study program.

You’ll receive all 6 Audio Trainings plus your Bonuses immediately when you sign up. 

Take your time. This program is designed to feel easy and supportive. 

Not to be another thing on your to-do list or course in your self-help graveyard.

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One of the most selfless things a Generator & Manifesting Generator can do is be selfish.

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We lead best when we first lead ourselves. 


We serve the world better when we are not giving from our crumbs, but from a space of overflow and abundance. 


We need to stop settling. We need to stop saying yes to the things that are actually a no. We need to break the chains of the old paradigm and step into freedom. 


When we can shift through our open centers, our trauma, and our conditioning, we can get back into our bodies and realign with our true design.


We get to be fully satisfied. 


We rise, and as we rise, we bring others along with us. 


This is a collective effort to raise pleasure and purpose in the world. The joy, the excitement, the satisfaction. 


This is about choosing your own desires and pleasure knowing that when you live fully satisfied, when you eat first, you get to show up to serve in a whole new way. 


This is the new paradigm. 


The old paradigm is frustration, obligation, giving yourself away, martyrdom.

New paradigm living is freedom, liberation, satisfaction, purpose, passion, joy, celebration, pleasure. 


It's not enough to just make the money.

It's not enough to have the relationships.

It's not enough to create the business...

If it's not satisfying you to your core. 

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Together we can lead this collective uprising into a new world - but we must first choose to step into that new world ourselves. 


Because I don't know about you, but when I am fully satisfied, I become very very generous. 


And that's what we get to have in every area of our lives. 

Not just the bedroom, but in the boardroom, the zoom room, and in every room we step into.

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Available ONLY through 12/31/22 

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