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A 3 Week Transformational Event 

We all collect identities over the course of our lives.


Parts of ourselves that we need to get through life and make it out of difficult and painstaking circumstances.


We needed to survive our childhoods, overcome our traumas, and be resilient to make it to where we are now.

The problem is that when we over-identify with these parts of us, we can subconsciously keep creating things to survive and overcome.

And when we keep creating circumstances that require us to be strong and resilient, we always expect the other shoe to drop and our nervous systems can never truly rest. We never feel safe.


In 2019- I realized that there was an old version of me who has seen me through a lot of hard things. She was strong and resilient. She was a survivor.

But she no longer served me and it was time to let her go. 

Through a series of rituals, I deeply honored and loved an old version of myself who had served me well and released her fully from my life, allowing me to step into a new phase of existence.

As we prepare to move into the season of rebirth and rebecoming, I couldn’t think of a better time to invite you to embark on the same journey I did of release and reclamation.

This Easter Season, old parts of you will die.

You will bury old versions of you that no longer serve you and hold space to honor, love, and grieve your old identities. 

New identities will be resurrected. 

You will be ushered into a new phase of life, a new way of being and existing, free of who you once were, embodying who you were created to be. 

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Resurrection is not about religion.

Yes, there is some religious imagery used - but I promise you, this definitely NOT a Bible study. 


Because this program is not about our theology or who we worship (or don’t). 


This is about coming Home to who You were created to Be. 


This is not another group coaching program.

In fact, there is no coaching involved.


This is a transformational experience that will lead you through the death of the identities that have been placed on you and developed to protect you your whole life.


This is the washing away of the old and the emergence of the new, old version of Who You Are. 

Who You’ve always been, underneath it all.


You were created for more.

More love.

More goodness.

More ease. 

More joy.

More peace.

More prosperity.

More life.

You were made for life and life abundant. 


But the past and the way you have instinctually and evolutionarily adapted and mutated to survive has robbed you of the fullness of your birthright. 


Resurrection is about you, reclaiming everything you were created for.

Everything that was created for you. 


Parts of you will die here.


But you will rise up a new, old creation.


The You that you were always meant to be. 




From the ashes, she will rise.


And nothing will ever be the same.

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Resurrection: The Rebecoming is a 3 week transformational experience that includes:

4/18 We Die
4/25 We Wait
5/2 We Rise

{All calls will be held at 12 pm EDT. All sessions will be recording and available for replay.}


These are the exact rituals I performed myself that helped me quantum leap and create six-figures in six months after years of feeling stuck, and paving the way for six-figures in sales in Q1 of 2021. This experience shifted my life into a whole new way of living in peace, joy, pleasure, and abundance. 

Step into your death so that you can arise someone new. 

Are you ready to die so that you can truly live? 

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