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The introductory Human Design program to help you understand and thrive using Human Design on a foundational level in your life and business.

We get rules in life when we are young. Act a certain way. React a certain way. Be seen as successful in a certain way. Love a certain way. 


And then, as adults, we are taught to make money a certain way. Go after our goals a certain way. Be palatable and relatable. Fit in.

But that never sat right with you, did it? 


You knew that there had to be a way to make your life more enjoyable, more filled with flow and ease - but you have always been told that it was wrong. 


What if I told you that’s exactly who you’re supposed to be and how you’re supposed to act? And the only thing that was wrong is the judgment of it? 


What if the judgment of it is the exact thing that has caused the unhealthy expression of who you are, tainted by second-guessing and comparing? 


What if the very things everyone told you were wrong with you were actually your superpowers? 


In Human Design, there is no wrong. 

There is only you, perfectly created.


And the evidence that you’ve forgotten. 


I know all of this because this is a huge part of my own story. 


I’m Kelly Mahalak, Embodied Leadership Facilitator and Human Design Coach. 


For most of my life, I felt different and wrong - then I found Human Design. 


For the first time in my life, I felt seen, understood, and validated. And I could see the ways the world had tried to get me to be someone I wasn’t.


So I began my own journey of unbecoming my conditioning and Rebecoming who God made me to be - and Human Design was my guidebook. 


From healing deep wounds and deepening my relationships to expanding my business and increasing my income, embodying my design enhanced every area of my life. 


The more I lived in Design, the easier things got, the freer I felt, and the more success I achieved. 


That’s what led me to this work - because if Human Design could help a struggling single mom of 3 become a thriving 6-figure entrepreneur with ease and pleasure in less than a year, then what couldn’t it help you do? 

Through your unique design, you can redefine the way you see yourself and reclaim the sacred identity that God gave you, just like I did. 

That is why I created (re)Defined. 

To help you discover your own personal superpowers and how you can show up as a trailblazer in your life and reality without resistance and judgment. Not only for yourself but for others too.


In this program you will learn everything you need to not only understand and begin to embody your own design, but to start reading Human Design charts for your family and friends, as well as the ability to serve your clients at a deeper and more embodied level with an optional 4-week business bundle upgrade. 

You will learn to read and interpret Human Design charts including the areas of:

Type - Your unique energy flow and how to navigate the world in alignment. 

Profile and Lines - The character you play in the world and the archetype that you’re here to embody. 

Authorities - How you make decisions and get in touch with your deepest Truth.

Centers - Your energetic strengths and behavioral patterns, for better or for worse. 

Circuitry - Your superpowers on display. 

Variables - The four arrows and how you experience the world. 

Gates and Planets - How to dig deeper into the nuances of your gifts and shadows. 

Trauma and how it affects the way we embody our design - With guest expert, Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton.

Decolonizing Human Design - Acknowledging and honoring the cultures and systems from which human design was derived with guest expert, Ber-Henda Williams.

Comprehensive Intro chart readings - How to see a chart as a whole human and not just a bunch of individual segments of information and how to relay the chart findings in an empowering and actionable way.

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There is also an upgrade for an additional 4 weeks of business training including:

Business Charts - Yes, businesses have their own energy and their own charts that function separately from their ceo or owner. 

Sales - How to use your unique design in sales.


Marketing - How to use your gifts to get your message out into the world.

Messaging - Use your chart to know just what to say in a way that people will really hear it and receive it from you.

Building teams - How to build a support team that serves everyone’s gifts and energy, all by design, not only for yourself, but for your clients as well.

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(re)Defined is 12 weeks of weekly 90-minute live calls.

All calls will be recorded and are yours to keep forever.

There are two pods each round - assignments are first come first serve but may be prioritized by time zone. Members have access to both pod call recordings each week.

You'll also have a private Facebook group for questions, community, and discussions.


We start January 4th for our kick off call, and there will be two cohorts meeting on…. 

Pod 1 meets Tuesdays at 12pm EST starting 01/05

Pod 2 meets Wednesday at 7pm EST starting 01/06


Office hours are held for 60 minutes every other Thursday at varying times to accommodate time zones to allow you time and space to integrate, ask questions, and truly get into the course material with all of the support you need. 

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After graduation you will be able to:

Have a better understanding of your own HD

Offer introductory chart readings as a professional 

Use HD with clients as a coach and in building your team

Use HD with family and in personal relationships



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