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Human Design Recommended Readers

All readers have completed the (re)defined Human Design certification program and participate in ongoing HD education with Kelly Mahalak

Amber Keyes

HD Reader

My name is Amber Keyes and I specialize in Human Design for women, work, and family. I have an educational background in psychology and Master's education in social work. I've dedicated my life to working with those who are consistently marginalized, oppressed, and disempowered. I've been practicing Human Design in my own life for 8 years now, and I offer a range of services including:

90-Minute Human Design Discovery Sessions
30 Day Coaching Intensives for individuals, family, business, and relationships
1:1 Coaching packages

All of my work focuses on three main pillars:
Find Your Spark - Ground in your unique gifts, talents, and abilities.
Live Your Truth- Integrate your shadows/ Express yourself authentically.
LOVE Your Life- Move from passive participation to active creation in your life.

If you are ready to drop the victim narrative and start living a life you are actively OBSESSED with living I am here holding the keys ready to help you unlock your greatest potential!!

Amy Mae

HD Reader

Hi I'm Amy Mae and I am a Human Design Love Expert. I am a 6/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator and I teach women how to fully embody their Human Design so that they can create the life of their dreams.

Mary Langfield

HD Reader

I work with women who have heavy chronic symptoms (hormonal challenges, anxiety, migraines, etc.) that distract them, keep them stuck, have them playing small.

Women who aren’t able to do the work they love as well as they’d like or enjoy.

Whose relationships always feel off, because they are so internally focused.

They feel isolated.

They feel like there is something deeply wrong.

If you feel disconnected not only in your body but from your soul. It’s time to find flow, an ease in your body and life, and to feel confident in your worth.

If you are ready to own your magnificence and connect to the deepest parts of yourself...I want to help you on this journey.
Let’s not just tend to the body but tend to your soul.