hush. is a much needed detox from the noise of the world and a return back to the wisdom and alignment of soul.

It used to just be your mother telling you how to live your life, but now the whole internet seems to want to weigh in on the subject!

The world is screaming at us to do this, be this, look like this, follow these steps, to be like her....and the more we let those voices in, the more self-judgement we feel and the more off course we get.

It’s time to HUSH the noise and remember what the voice of our souls sounds like. 

Through 7 modules and 1 live group call, we will explore different ways to quiet the voices and get realigned with your own inner guide and remember who you are and start living the life you really want. Not the one internet marketers have sold you on. 

And as a BONUS thank you, I’m including my The Aligned AF Meditation album as my gift to you. That’s 11 guided meditations to help you in your practice to stay Aligned AF in your life.

hush. starts September 4. 



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