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Create more than a successful business; create a successful life

Are you a driven, high-achiever who wants it all in life without sacrificing your pleasure or your peace? 


Creating a profitable business takes work but there’s no reason why you should have to compromise other areas of your life like your health, your relationships, or your sanity to succeed. 


Whether you’ve been hustling and grinding, burning yourself out for less than impressive results or you’ve built your empire and are sick of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by your business, I’m here to tell you that you get to have the business AND the life you desire.

If you’ve made it here, chances are you already know that something has to shift for you.

You’ve taken all the courses and done your work, but you’re not where you want to be 


Too much of your business feels like hard work 


You’re frustrated, bitter, or angry that you’re not further along and that everything is still so stressful 


The high of success wears off quickly and every month feels like a constant competition to create more, sell more, do more in your business and it’s running you straight into burnout 

What if you could get paid well for your purpose-work while also having the time, energy, and money to live a life that lights you up?

Say goodbye to the days of being glued to your cell phone or laptop, never taking a real day off, working as a hobby, and feeling like it’s never enough.


I spent over 2 years with my business on life support, taking every course I could afford, searching for the thing that would unlock the massive success I knew I was made for. 


And while I spent years and thousands of dollars to crack the code on how to magnetize my soul-mate clients, call in the cash money, and do it all while feeling really fucking good, you don’t have to. 


The secret to creating a life and business that feels good is…..



There may be a countless number of coaches teaching about feminine embodiment and pleasure, but the truth is, you can be really good at pleasure and not be happy. 


Pleasure is not something you do or a place to get to. 


Pleasure is a state of being. It’s a lifestyle you cultivate. It’s a business strategy. 

The process of fully embodying pleasure as a business and life philosophy is equal parts science and spirituality. 


It’s physical and energetic.


It’s practical and personal.


And it’s available to absolutely everyone.


As a single mom with 3 young daughters, I had every reason to be too busy, too stressed, too strapped, too whatever to be able to scale to 5-figure months while working part-time hours in my business. 


For years, I busted my ass 24/7/365, chained to social media, stressed about my content, my programs, my sales, and my income. 


Every time I hit a goal, I would celebrate for 3 whole minutes before racing to set the next one. 


I had shitty boundaries and struggled to receive in my business, in my relationships, and in the bedroom. 


It felt like the harder I worked, the harder it all got.


My wins were never big enough and my life felt dramatic and stressful. 


That was until I shifted it all. 


You see, coaches out there can help you make more money OR help you heal your shit and allow yourself to feel good again.


The Play Day Payday is the pleasure and profit accelerator that will show you how to do both simultaneously.


Just like I did for myself. 

But how? 

The Play Day Payday is a 12 week group coaching container starting August 24.

Through teachings and trainings, bi-weekly coaching calls, monthly embodiment workshops, and a rich community of sisterhood, we’ll cover:

Your Purpose: Get connected to what you truly desire and how you desire to receive it. Dream dangerously and without sacrifice.


Your Positive Action: Laser focus on the things that move the needle in the creation of your desires 


Your Permission: Create safety around receiving and disentangle yourself from your business, creating boundaries and structures that support and serve you 


Your Pleasure: Get into your body and your emotions to create from a place of pleasure, while working through the blocks that inevitably come up thanks to decades of Patriarchal conditioning 


Your Prosperity: Receive like a Queen and have everyone you know asking what the hell you’re drinking and where they can get it because they want to drink from your fountain 


Your Peace: Anchor it all in and let it become easy so that your energy does the heavy lifting and you become free to live your best fucking life 

Each module will have a training week followed by a week of group coaching and integration/embodiment work.


We will all come together monthly for a somatic experience to land what we’re learning in our bodies and create change on a cellular level. 


This is not another program full of pre-recorded videos repeating the same old spiritual and strategy principles you’ve heard a million times before.


We’re going in deep together to help you lock in what we’re learning as we go along so that everything you learn informationally gets integrated into who you are.


The exclusive Facebook community will help keep you accountable and encouraged each and every day of our journey together. 

So, should I just give you all my money or what?

While I appreciate the enthusiasm, The Play Day Payday is available for $1111.

And because I believe that everyone deserves to be supported and loved, there are payment options available to make following your desires and pleasure and saying ‘Yesssssss’ as easy as possible.


If you don’t know me and you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably wondering who this bitch is telling you that pleasure and play always pay. 


I’m Kelly Mahalak, Embodied Business Coach for spiritual revolutionaries and online personal brands.


In the online coaching space, I’m a bit of a paradox because I don’t subscribe to most industry beliefs.


With a blend of the practical and pleasurable, holy and hedonistic, and the somatic and spiritual, I scaled my business to 5-figure months while taking my kids on vacation, sleeping in, and posting less on social media than I ever had before. 


I frequently sell spots in my programs before I even launch them (this program being no exception) 


I embody the fullness of who I am, even when it feels controversial or contradictory. 


I am sexual and spiritual, grounded and esoteric, highly intelligent and hilariously ridiculous. 


I always keep it real and dish it up straight from the energy of the Divine to you. 


I have built my business success on the bedrock of being fully myself, doing it my own way, and liberating myself to run wild + free and to create what feels electric and delicious at any given moment. 


And I hope to introduce you to that sense of freedom and Truth inside of you. 

Enrollment ends August 23


When is it?

This is a 13 week program and we begin August 24th


How much? 

$1111 but you can get in early for special Early Bird Pricing 


When are the calls? 

Every other Wednesday at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific starting 9/2


What if I miss a call? 

All content, including the calls and workshops will be recorded and are yours to have forever. 


Will you be doing this again? 

I can’t guarantee anything.


Still have questions? 

Shoot me a message and let’s chat!

Thanks for submitting!

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