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Welcome to the anti-niching, niching program - for the entrepreneur who refuses to dim their light for anything or anyone. 

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Have you ever struggled to map out your ideal client? Or made a clear description only to change your mind a few weeks or months later? 


Do you find yourself writing and rewriting your “I help…” statement every time you need to share it? 


Does the idea of picking one person with one problem to solve in your business make something die inside of you? Or maybe a lot of things that can’t be included if you niche down the way everyone says you have to?

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I’m Kelly Mahalak, Embodied Leadership Coach - and one thing I learned scaling my business to multiple 6 figures and hitting my first $100k sales month - is FUCK NICHING. . .

You don’t need an ideal client avatar. 

You don’t need to know if she is married or single.

You don’t need to know where she shops or where she hangs out. 

You don’t need to know if she wears underwire or wireless bras - because none of that matters (unless you’re selling bras, of course.) 

You will come to find that most, or maybe even NONE of your clients are going to fit within that mold perfectly. 


We do all of these ridiculous ideal client worksheets, programs, and statements to get super clear on who our person is - but our clients are fluid and vast, because our work is fluid and vast.


We as humans are dynamic, ever changing, and ever evolving - why can’t our businesses be the same?

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Why can’t our offers feel as fluid and free as we do? 


So the question is: how do we make ourselves the niche so that there is enough clarity to call our people in, without having to box ourselves in, or get so hyper-specific that we struggle to even express ourselves in our work? We get so lost in the strategy, the over-specification, and the analyzing that we lose touch with the heart and the passion - and in that, we lose touch with our people - leaving money on the table and potential clients in the dust. 


Your client journeys get to be EXPANSIVE. 

They don’t need to be a one-stop funnel where they must only want XYZ, like cloning robots. 


You get to have it all. 

You get to follow your creative nudges. 

You get to listen to those intuitive hits, even when they seem counterintuitive, or in a realm you have never played in.


When you allow more space, you actually allow yourself to get even more clear and specific on the client experience -vs- an unrealistic check list of who you should be talking to. 


If it all can exist within you, it can all exist within your business. 


You can create launches with magnetic energy that resonates deeply for the exact right people, always.

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You don’t have to box yourself in ways that don’t feel true or authentic to all of you - and you can still feel grounded in your strategy and how you are creating income in your business. 


When you choose to be anti-niche, you give yourself permission to be of service in however your heart is calling you to, in the most authentic, soul aligned ways - while still building a brand and business you love. Because it can grow with you - and this program is going to show you exactly how to create that foundation for inconceivable cash months with more joy, ease, and freedom than ever before. Because we are going to set you free from the imposed limits you have set on yourself for your “ideal client” and the programs you “should be launching”.  

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Niche Bitch is for those who have a business that creates qualitative results that struggle to find the structure needed in order to sell their work that supports things like; health, wealth, joy, pleasure, peace, spirituality. 

I have heard it many times… “No one wants to invest in me because the results aren’t tangible, they will only invest when it comes to learning how to make more money...” 

But the truth is - they do, and they will, over and over again. They want to know what you do, the space that you hold, the power in those qualitative and “intangible” results. And they want to pay you well.


Your work is magic - and it is time to break all of the molds and do it your way. Once and for all. 


The details: 


Week 1: Mindset - You are the brand. We’ll focus on rewriting the story of how we have ever thought of and looked at niching before.

Week 2: Strategy - The how. How to create clear programs that magnetize the most aligned clients. I’ll be giving you juicy offer prompts to create new programs that are SO clear, regardless of what you have sold before. 

Week 3: Energy - the way we hold  it all. Stepping into and fully becoming your brand and what that looks like vs the potential problems you can solve as the brand. This is the day to day embodiment in life and business. 

Week 4: Live Q+A 

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