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Kelly Mahalak

Spiritual Alignment and Empowerment Coach​


Hello, gorgeous! I'm Kelly Mahalak, social media maven and 

You CAN heal the shit that is preventing your soul-inspired business from reaching new heights and I can help you get there.

Together, we will work to create new truths, greater clarity, and build a new way of doing business that allows you to work from a place of authenticity and alignment, with less hustle and more flow.

My process will guide you through the fears and expectations that limit you and give you the certainty and confidence to run your business and live your life on your own terms.

It's my job to shine a light on the power and gifts that already exist within you and help you discover how to leverage your unique genius to unlock all of your wildest dreams. 


When I'm not helping women like you create businesses and lives they are wildly obsessed with, you can find me being a single, work from wherever, unschooling mom to my 3 beautiful daughters. We live in the state of Michigan and take full advantage of all of the lakes we have access to.

My favorite things include coffee, essential oils, camping, Insta-stories, green juice, and Grey’s Anatomy.


I’m just a basic bitch with a hippie twist.

To learn more about me or to set up a FREE Discovery Call, CLICK HERE 

Kelly Mahalak

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