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So you want to put your newest online offer out into the world but you’re exhausted just thinking about it?
The “Launch Mode” everyone is always talking about even sounds intense. 


There is this idea that when we are launching, we are efforting so much, that having an open cart is so much harder than regular business operations, and that there are all of these extra things that need to be done…on top of the things we are doing in our business every single day. 

How are you supposed to be able to launch your programs, make this huge push for sales, and still have time for anything else? 


Launch Mode brings with it a ton of unnecessary chaos, contraction, and confusion - and the truth is, there are 2 main reasons why launches feel hard:

1. You don’t have a plan. Without clear intention and direction, you end up trying to do ALL of the things. But essentially, you’re just throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping something sticks. If you don’t have a plan, the answer will always be to simply do more, which ultimately leaves you exhausted and burned out. 

2. Your mindset is working against you. You think that you can only make money when you are launching (and launching hard), which puts a ton of stress on you and your program. Subconsciously, you’re saying yes to overworking, stressing and crashing your nervous system, and experiencing big swings of energy in your body and your finances.

Anyone else feel tired and stressed just talking about it? 


When you decide that launching has to be hard, you set yourself up for inconsistency in your energy and your bank account. This is where that roller coaster feeling in business transpires from. 


It doesn’t have to be like this.


I’m Kelly Mahalak, multiple 6 figure leadership & embodiment coach. For years, I’ve been baffled by all the talk of how hard launching is, because personally, I love it! 

My launch process, from the mindset to the modalities,  have been used in my business to close hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. I know firsthand what it feels like to scale with more ease, pleasure, and joy than ever before and have passed my process on to help my clients sell out their group and 1:1 programs. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, consultant - it doesn’t matter. You can utilize this program to help you do the same. If you have been wanting to find a more easeful way to launch - like a hedonistic little heaux - here is your invitation. 

Launching gets to be easy. In fact, it gets to be fun! 

You don’t actually have to do a ton of extra work to put your programs out there. You don’t have to effort yourself into burnout just to share your magic. 

It gets to be simple and easy, and you still get to be a lazy hedonistic pleasure whore. 

You get to relax, rest, take days off - even when you are launching. 

Whether you are a solopreneur & doing everything yourself, or have a full team supporting you, we will streamline your launch process to be more intentional and effectual. 

All without sacrificing pleasure and play every step of the way. 


Here is your permission slip...

You get to launch your programs in a way that feels delicious and juicy to you - no matter what that looks like.


Whether you have a team to help you or if you’re flying solo by yourself - you can still launch with ease when you know what’s actually required from the business and from you. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first launch or your 50th.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had $0k launches or $100k. 

If you are tired, literally, of being in the launch mode cycle and you dream and desire of a way that this can be easier - I am here to show you how.


This is less about what you do and more about the way you choose to do it. 


At its core, launching is just you putting your offer out into the world. It’s the process or time period where you are sharing your work and inviting others into the magic. 

So why make that harder than it has to be? 

Your launch process gets to be as unique as you and your business are - and I want to help you create something that you get excited about.

Because a launch you’re turned the fuck on by is a launch that will sell. 

Are you ready to let it be this easy? 

What’s included in Launch Like a Heaux: 

-3 live trainings on the strategy, energy, and mindset of launching. 

-1 Q+A call on Zoom to ask your questions and solidify anything you need to launch like a Heaux. 

-Facebook community, to connect with other entrepreneurs, and coaching threads to receive support. 

-Weekly homework + bonuses.

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