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It’s time to break down the fear you hold around stepping into your true power and message.

It’s time to heal the generational soul traumas that hold you back from passion, alignment, and purpose.

The time is NOW.

There is a massive shift happening in healing spaces.

Frauds are being revealed.

Untruths are being uncovered.

Souls doing work outside of their created genius due to fear and income scarcity are being called home to their true calling.

The collective consciousness is pulling away from the drive toward material success and refocusing on the truth that no amount of material manifestations matter if you are operating out of alignment with soul.

A new age is dawning where real success is considered to be peace and energetic mastery instead of Chanel bags and First Class flights.

Because a great many of people have been manifesting a great many of things and most of them realize at the end of it all that no amount of things is ever enough.

That even when the money comes...
Even when they find the partner....
Even when they get the house or the car or the perceived freedom or take the trip….

Their hunger is not satisfied.

Because their salvation does not lie in anything physical that they seek it in.


There is a place, deep within, where everything stands still.

A place where no darkness can enter, beyond space and time, where no material things you have or don’t have exist.

A place where nothing exists and everything exists all at the same time.

There is a place where God meets you and you become one in pure, holy communion as everything of this earth fades away.

This is the place where you become everything you were created to be, where the body, for a moment, ceases to exist and you detach from the world, lingering only in spirit.

This is your true HOME.

This is your place of origin.
A place of peace.
A place of pure love.

This is the place your true message lies, the one that you were born to give to the world that only you have the voice to speak.

The place where you become untouchable because the world cannot move you.

No circumstance can shake you.

Every manifestation of physical pleasure is a bonus because you no longer require earthly comfort.

It’s time to come home.

To yourself.
To your true message.
To your peace.
To your purpose.
To your soul.

Your spirit is calling you, beckoning you home.

Its home.coming season.

Remember who you are and rebecome her

home.coming is a 3 month sisterhood in releasing fear, healing the witch wound, and stepping into your sacred self.


Month 1: Releasing Fear

October 15 through November 14

Identify and release the limiting beliefs that have kept you holding back, playing small, and avoiding stepping into your full power.

Together, we’ll address issues of fear, shame, scarcity, and security as we work to release anything that no longer serves us through somatic healing, eft tapping, and other healing modalities.



Month 2: Healing the Witch Wound

November 15 through December 14

For centuries, womxn who spoke their truths, walked outside of the status quo, and owned their power fully were persecuted and put to death. In month 2, we will address this generational wound and take action to heal it.

Through the healing of the witch wound, you will gain clarity of mission, allegiance to your purpose, and activate your unique voice. You will reconnect with your inner guide, rewild your soul, and unleash the power within you.




Holiday Break:

December 15 through January 6



Month 3: Embodying Your Sacred Self

January 6 through February 6

Embodiment is the becoming of all of the new codes we have unlocked during the first two months.


We'll start off fresh in the New Year, not as some cliche "new you," but as you, rebirthed, returned to who you were created to be.

In our last month together, we will work to integrate the healing we have done together and use our internal shifts to create the shifts in our external reality that we desire.

Embodiment is the becoming. It is the fully unleashed version of you stepping out into the world as your sacred self to do the work that you were created for in this world.



What is home.coming?

3 month long modules 
$900 value

3 personal coaching calls
$600 value

3 group calls
$300 value

3 healing circles
$300 value

3 brand new meditations
$30 value

1 custom recorded meditation
$44 value

3 EFT tapping recordings
$100 value

Unlimited group mastermind chat
$2100 value





Early Bird Bonus

When you register before October 1, you'll get Exclusive Early Bird Pricing and Payment Plans as well as 


Wild at Heart: A Rewilding Challenge

30 days of finding your way back to your fiercest, freest self. 

$79 value




An exclusive Wild at Heart Meditation

$44 value


Pay in Full Bonus Gift Package

When you pay in full, you’ll receive an assortment of uniquely chosen gifts to help enhance your

home.coming experience. 

$75 Value

Have questions?
Contact Kelly to start a conversation and see if home.coming is right for you.

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