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I am the honored and the scorned.

I am the whore and the holy woman.

- The Thunder, Perfect Mind


I cannot count the ways in which I have been relegated to choose an identity as a woman.


The pure and holy. The good girl. The devoted. 

The people pleaser who speaks softly and nods “yes” all of the time. She is agreeable and she smiles and she always behaves. She doesn’t ask too many questions, she simply obeys. Her God. Her family. Her culture. 


Or the whore. The temptress. The one who dares to step outside of the lines. The loud and foul-mouthed woman who speaks too much and fucks too much and always makes a scene wherever she goes, because she will not be silenced or shrunk down. 


But nowhere in between

One hair out of place, one word shouted too loudly, one stance taken too strongly, and the good girl becomes the too much girl. 


Yet silently, as we smile and hold our breath, we are suffocating, choking on the white hot fire we hold in our throats. 


Still, all we want at the end of the day is to be held. 

To be seen. 

To be fully free. 

Wild and worthy. 

There is a fire in our bellies, ignited by our devotion to our own dignity and the sovereignty that was stolen from us generations ago.


They burned the witches. Remember? 

Of course you do. 


The fear of the fire at the stake silenced us all, as we feel the tightening of the rope around our own necks. - even still now. 


But I can feel it in my bones, in my spirit stirs a call - it’s time to step out of the binary system that we have been shoved into since before our own existence. 


The women are rising. 


We are remembering that they called us witches and burned us and hanged us and drown us, because they knew the truth of how powerful we can be when we Know Who We Are. 


When we know that we are both soft and strong. 


When we know that we are both beautiful and brave. 


When we know that we are the holy one AND the whore.


And we stop playing their game that has forced us to choose.


We are Holy.

We are Heauxly.


And when we embody them both…


We are Whole. 


Holy, Heauxly, Whole

Healing the Fractured Feminine Within


A 12 week journey of healing our hearts, embodying our sacred femininity, and embracing our divinity.


I’m Kelly Mahalak, Embodied Leadership Coach and holy heaux. 


This work is sacred to me as it has been at the crux of every good thing I have created in my life, including my business, my relationships, and my finances.


Through the hard and holy work of healing the fractured feminine and embracing and integrating every beautiful part of who we are created to be, my clients and I have recovered from people-pleasing, struggles with boundaries, paradigms of sacrifice and martyrdom - all of which have allowed us to step into emotional mastery, healthier relationships, and higher levels of receiving in our lives, businesses, and finances. 


A truly happy woman is a whole woman. 


A woman who can be her wildest, most unapologetic self - outside of the bounds of what the world has told her to be. Unashamed and unafraid to be powerful and sensual, wealthy and deeply in pleasure. Refusing to take a supportive role in her own damn story.


This is how I have been able to show up on the internet in bikinis and lingerie, talking about using pleasure to make money, while making tens of thousands of dollars a month - as a single mom of three - working less than 10 hours a week. 


Doing this work opened up a world where I could start a feminist pussy church and lead so many humans into a whole new type of spirituality and worship. 


The holy heaux in me knows she’s safe charging premium prices for work I love, serving the masses - and never has to pick. 


She is wild, worthy, and wealthy. 

Image by Sophie Dale

The world needs more women who are ready to show up fully unleashed, untamed, unafraid  - to claim it ALL.


Wild, worthy, wealthy women will heal the world

but first we must heal our own hearts and spirits, to remember that this legacy is ours to create.


We do this work for our ancestors and the ones who have gone before us. 


We do this work for our daughters and the generations to come.


We do this work for ourselves because the only way to win at a game that is rigged against us is to stop playing. 


They burned the witches because they knew if we banded together we could do, be, and create anything. 


Let’s prove them right.

Month 1: Holy

We’ll begin our time together by addressing the ways that God, religion, and culture have informed and impacted our relationship with ourselves, our finances, our gifts, our divinity, and our power as women*. Together, we will heal and forgive, and ultimately, we will pursue the Truth of our sacred identity, and remember who we are, who we have always been - Holy and Whole. This is where we will examine the stories and beliefs we have been living by, that have kept us small, and fully embrace our inherent worth and our divine birthright as She Who Is Worthy To Receive. Love. Money. Success. All of it. 


Month 2: Heauxly 

For millennia, the sacred aspects of the feminine have been erased from the narrative of our lives and many of our cultures and religions. Yet, without these aspects, none of us are complete. Through an exploration of our sacred rage and the reclamation of our pleasure, we will embrace the beauty and power of feminine energy in our lives - as lovers, mothers, and creators. This is where we plant our flag in the ground and reclaim all that has been stolen from us. 


Month 3: Whole

We will wrap up our work together by learning how to integrate our holiness and our heauxliness - and explore what that looks like in our day to day lives - within our relationships, businesses, families, finances, and the world. This is an opportunity and an invitation to step forward, fully expressed, as an embodied leader in your life and sphere of influence - as Holy, Heauxly, and Whole. 


Holy, Heauxly, Whole contains 6 audio training modules and 12 live calls. 

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Every other week you will receive brand new training content to explore, along with supportive resources such as journaling questions, meditations, or embodiment exercises. 


We will meet as a group every Thursday at 1pm Eastern Time. We will rotate between coaching calls, with an opportunity to ask questions and receive live support, and group embodiment practices and rituals,  to help take you deeper into the experience, and ground and integrate everything you are learning and uncovering about yourself. 


Community and content will be held in an active Facebook Group where we can support, share, and celebrate one another throughout our time together. 


We begin October 4, 2021.

*Holy, Heauxly, Whole is open to all female-identifying persons, from all religious and cultural backgrounds. Reach out if you need support in deciding if this work is right for you at this time.

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