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Image by Andrej Lišakov

The crash course in Human Design

for Coaches and Leaders.

You have probably noticed differences while working with Projectors or Reflectors vs working with Generators or Manifesting Generators. 

Image by Drew Beamer

There are differences in communication, recognition, support, and co-creation within each energy type. 


Learning your Human Design has changed your life. It has brought you clarity, affirmation, and recognition. You see how your own energetic patterns show up and now you are curious how you can really utilize Human Design in more areas of your life and business. 


Being able to notice the patterns and support everyone around you based on their Human Design allows you to create incredible relationships and results in your life.


But everything you find to learn more feels super gatekept and intense. And you don't really desire to take a long and expensive certification program... That is why I created Foundations.

Image by Kevin Wong

If you have been wanting to use Human Design in your work without wanting to be a Human Design expert and taking an intense and costly certification, I want to help you get a deeper and more embodied experience of what it looks like to use Human Design within your business while supporting your clients, while interacting with your family, and even with yourself.

White Cream

Foundations is a fast-paced crash course in Human Design that will teach you everything you need to know to feel confident in understanding and using HD in a way that will allow you to integrate and implement this work for yourself and with your clients and loved ones. 


This program is for Coaches and Leaders who desire to use Human Design to: 

-Support their clients at a higher level, with more energetic recognition. 

-Create more harmony in their households and relationships by learning the Human Design of their loved ones. 

-Build more ease and flow into your business and your team by learning how everyone’s unique energetics play together and affect team dynamics. 

Image by Kevin Wong

With 5 foundational concepts, you will understand the Human Design system and how to utilize it to create more ease in your life, business, and leadership.

Image by Augustine Wong

Maybe you don't want to be reading the transits for clients, or offer readings as a paid service - but you want to utilize Human Design in your work because you see the power in it. 


Human Design is often presented in a long and tedious learning process, and while I believe that Human Design is a lifelong journey that never truly ends, this course will break down the key components for you in a way that you can actually put it to work in your daily life. 


Let’s make this fun and easy. 


You will receive modules covering: 

Week 1: Types - our unique energy 

Week 2: Profiles - our human archetype 

Week 3: Authorities - how to make decisions 

Week 4: Centers - gifts and shadows

Week 5: Variables, Gates and Lines - where to look when you want to dive deeper

BONUS: The Profit Portal

A 2 Hour Masterclass to show you your unique design for

Purpose, Passion, Power, Pleasure, and Prosperity

Image by Kevin Wong

This course will give you the foundational pieces of a Human Design chart and a rock solid base of knowledge to use HD as a coach or leader with clients, in your teams, while hiring or recruiting, and even at home.

Image by Drew Beamer


You will receive all modules by email immediately when you sign up.

This is a comprehensive, and easy-to-follow Human Design course for the already busy Leader and Coach.

If you are ready to start using Human Design to your advantage in your life and business as you coach and lead - Foundations is for you.

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