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There is an epidemic in the world of Human Design.

There are too many people who can talk about the theory of it all and not enough that are truly embodied in it.

There are people who flirt, play and cherry-pick when and where to integrate change into their lives, but the real magic occurs when you truly surrender to your Design. 


When you fully give yourself over. 


In my time working with Human Design both personally and professionally, I have struggled with the ways that the processes of deconditioning and embodiment are commonly taught. 


Human Design is a powerful tool but it can too often feel inaccessible and confusing… 


So I started to ask myself- 

How do we do this better? 

How do we take this immense plethora of information that is contained in our chart and translate it into our lives? 


If your Human Design is the blueprint for you at your absolute highest potential, how do you use it to step into all of the joy, pleasure, and success that you were created for?


And that is when EmbodiHD was birthed. 


This program is for the woman who is ready to truly live in her Design, and who wants to live a life filled with real ease, pleasure, joy, and abundance….in all areas. 


I know that I can help you achieve this with Human Design because it’s exactly what I did and what I help my clients do.

I’m Kelly Mahalak, Human Design Embodiment and Leadership Facilitator.


In 2020, using my own design and embodiment processes that are embedded in this program, I managed to take myself from $2k to $18k months while vacationing, spending time with my kids, and working less than 20 hours per week.


After years of trying everything there was to offer in the coaching world, it was this dynamic and unique system of Human Design, pleasure-based living, and somatic embodiment practices that took me from hustle, struggle, and forcing my way through business and life to the success I had always known I was meant for with a kind of total life alignment that I had only ever dreamed of. 


Suddenly, everything started to shift and the better it got, the better it got. 


I started sharing this work with my clients and they had similar experiences in their own growth and expansion. 


After the year that was 2020, I knew that now is the time that the world needs embodied leaders who know how to lead themselves, their communities, and the collective, more than ever. So I took all of the practices, processes, strategies, and even some of the coaches that I worked with to quantum leap my life and business, and I put them into a container for you to step into your own journey of deep deconditioning and embodiment. 

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EmbodiHD is a 6 month applied Human Design mastermind for accelerated elevation in life and leadership. This is not just to learn more about HD but to truly learn how to live your design out loud. 

This program is created to be a potent combination of Human Design instruction married with coaching and somatic workshops. We’ll be working together on mindset, HD-specific habits, pleasure, money, and leadership with a focus on integration and embodiment so you can really BE the next level version of yourself as a woman and a leader. 

I have found a common thread of old programming in 
women running pleasure and intuition-based businesses, 
We are afraid to let it be easy. 
We tend to make it hard and suffer in the process because that is what feels safe. 
We have been conditioned to work harder, self-sacrifice, and live in an old paradigm of life and business without joy and without pleasure. 


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This is a mastermind for the woman who is ready to let it be easy. Let it all feel good. Really, truly receive more. 

More clients, more business, more income. But not only that- We get to have more love, connection, and intimacy. 

More health, energy, strength, and focus.

More joy, pleasure, more fun in our lives. 

We get to not only ask for more, but receive more in ways that feel really fucking good. 

And it all gets to happen with more ease than we ever thought possible. 


You want to know how to make it all happen: the massive income that comes through massive impact, the beautiful fulfilling relationships, all while feeling safe in your nervous system, solid in your mindset, and healed and grounded in your body and your energy. 

That is why EmbodiHD was created. To help you learn how to take all of the information that we know about your Human Design chart and ground it into a demonstrable reality that we can manifest in real time. 

So we can truly step into being embodied leaders in our business, workplace, homes, families, and in our own souls. 

This is about reclaiming leadership not only over your external reality, but claiming dominion within yourself. 

Reclaiming your sovereignty over who you are and having that simply be reflected into what you do,  and changing what your life looks like - all faster than you thought possible. 

“Are you ready to stop flirting with the idea of Human Design and truly get committed to it, your embodiment, and saying “yes” to letting it be easy?”

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month 1: mindset

This is the month we create our foundations. We’ll
examine and shift what’s going on in your brain, your beliefs, and your thoughts. We start with the internal to create the foundation for you to manifest from the inside out. This is the place that you come back to, to ground back in and get your mindset back on track when life’s inevitable waves come. No matter what is happening in your life, or what fears or scarcity creep in, you can come back to this place. This month, you will learn the tools you need to carry with you for the deconditioning and integration process.

month 2: habits

We are going to look into some of the deeper parts of your chart like diet, environment, and physical ways to shift into alignment and live by design. This is going to be a deeper look into your ideal way of how you operate on a day-to-day basis, based on an individual analysis of your specific design. 

month 3: pleasure

w/ Special guest Julia Wells

What does it matter if we are growing our business, making money, and hitting our goals if it doesn’t feel good? It gets easier to obtain the things you desire when you feel good - this is the easiest manifestation hack there is. We'll tap into your Human Design pussy portal where you can learn how to lean in and play with the unique pleasure centers within your chart. 

month 4: money 

w/ Special guest Leah Ardent

We’ll use your chart to tap into your specific prosperity style and learn how to hack your ability to receive and create money. You deserve massive prosperity. You’ll learn the difference in the energies of creating money and holding money as we go deeper into all areas of your money sequences and integrating your best practices based on your own personal chart. 

month 5: leadership

w/ Special guest Louiza ‘Weeze’ Doran

This is about showing up and doing your work in the world from a place of embodiment, stepping into leadership with a focus on integration and embodiment so you can really BE the next level version of yourself as a woman and a leader. This is about reclaiming leadership not only over your external reality, but claiming dominion within yourself. 

month 6: embodiment 

An Embodied leader goes first. You’ll learn how to really nourish yourself while also giving big to your people. This is the wrap-up and integration for everything. Here we focus on making sure that we haven’t just gained information the past 5 months, but have committed to integration (with business, money, family, love, relationships), and look at how we can go even deeper. This is a month for Reflection and celebration, and creating solid plans for moving forward. 

This is not for you if you want to learn your human design.

This is for the woman who wants to live her human design.


When you join EmbodiHD, you get: 

An initial 1:1 call with our EmbodiHD support coach

2 monthly group hot seat coaching calls

1 monthly somatic workshop

1 monthly training call with myself and/or a guest coach

A private Facebook community for daily check-ins, support, and sisterhood

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