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When you start your online business, you mostly hear about all of the logistics and mindset work you need to do in order to start hitting those next level income goals...


How you need the perfect strategy, the perfect website, the perfect funnel - and so you spend all of your time and energy working in the back end of your business. 


Not to mention that you have to do all of that while trying to do your own mindset work too. 


So you spend hours journaling, scripting, and doing all of the rewiring… and yet - there is something still not clicking when it comes to you scaling to the next level and breaking past the plateau you’ve hit. 


Because the truth is, your funnel can be incomplete. 

You can sell straight from a google doc. 

You can make it as easy as you want it to be… or as hard… 

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But you do need to know how to hold it all. 

You need to understand the energetics of what it means to hold 6 figures or more with ease, within your nervous system and body. 


The lack of this resiliency within your energetics, and within yourself, is the reason why a lot of people will create huge sales months or book the pay in full clients, just to end up burnt out, sick, injured, or to see another part of their lives, like their relationships, fall apart and in chaos. 


They crash and burn and end up back in the void right after the high-highs. 


These upper limits are a way of blocking yourself from what you want, or you living out your beliefs that the only way you get what you want is with some kind of sacrifice or cost in another area…. 


You get to have everything you desire and more.

The universe gets to constantly surprise and delight you. And when you learn how to energetically hold all of the clients, the cash, and the visibility - you create MASSIVE shifts in your reality fast. 


I know because I’ve done it. 

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I’m Kelly Mahalak, Embodied Leadership Coach and multi-six figure CEO. 

Over the last 18 months, I’ve taken my business from struggle city, barely clearing $3000 a month and borrowing money to pay my bills - to over $300k in cash and nearly half a million dollars in sales - in a pandemic, as a single mom of three, while homeschooling my kids, co-parenting peaceably, and thriving in my relationships. 


Oh - and did I mention that I also took NINE vacations and only work 10 hours a week? 


I know what it takes to expand fast. 


Quantum leaps are sexy and we all want them. But let me tell you, they are not for the feint of heart.


You have to have the tools and the self-intimacy to navigate quick shifts and lightening fast up-levels if you want to stay grounded in your leadership and solid in your mindset so you can not only have what you want, but hold on to it.


If you want to be able to go from nothing to a multiple 6 figure business in a year...

learning how to hold it all is a non-negotiable.

Image by Danilo Batista

The change you desire in your life can often feel like trauma to your body - so of course, it’s natural to block ourselves from creating this kind of massive change in our lives - even if it is good change. When we start to choose these new energetic habits and boundaries - having the right tools to help you shift back into alignment and ease is key to full embodiment.

Over our 4 weeks together inside of 6 Figure Nervous System, we are going into building your resiliency for change, upper limits, having AND holding with the exact tools and resources that I’ve used to blow up my life and business in the most beautiful, wonderful, and fabulous ways. 

The tools you are going to learn within this container are sacred, and the information you are going to learn is going to change the way you run your business forever. 

It is my hope that this program gets into the hands of as many humans as possible so they can see that they truly get to have it all in their life and business - without the crashing and burning after.


Without the old story of there “always being something else”. Without always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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What if it actually gets to be THAT good? 


What if you could call in all of the money and clients you REALLY desire with no fear in your body - only trust and safety? 


This is what a 6 figure nervous system is.

6 fig nervous system banner copy 21.png

Whether you’re stuck on the struggle bus like I was, trying to break out of survival mode…


Or if you’ve got the clients, the money, and the success, but it’s come at a high cost to your body, your relationships, or your mental health…

This course is going to be not only the concepts and the ideas around a 6 Figure Nervous System, but the actual tools you need to create more resiliency within your mind and body.

Every week, you will be given a new tool that we are including - on our weekly zoom sessions.

Week 1: Building resiliency to change. 

Week 2: Upper limits & having vs holding 

Week 3: The mechanics of ease 

Week 4: Swamp//embodiment workshop 

We are meeting on zoom every week to ensure that you not only get all of the tools and modalities you need, but also the embodiment and implementation support as well. I am here to guide you through this every step of the way, and when you see just how ready you really are to quantum leap your life and business - you will never go back to dysregulation and the chaos again.

6 fig nervous system banner copy 2.png

What if it actually gets to be THAT good? 


What if you could call in all of the money and clients you REALLY desire with no fear in your body - only trust and safety? 


This is what a 6 figure nervous system is.

6 fig nervous system banner copy 2.png

This isn’t just another course of theories and concepts that will blow your mind but not make any actual, tangible change. Every week you will have a new tool to put into practice, implement and integrate the work we are doing together. 


This work is life-changing, and is something you will be able to carry with you as long as you choose. This will not only help you to hold more money, but with having and holding everything you really desire in your life.


Are you ready to attune to your 6 figure nervous system?

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