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What if you could run a successful six or multi-six figure business in as little as 10 hours a week?

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What if you could spend your life living instead of working? 


What if you got to have everything you desire, how you desire it, without struggle or sacrifice? 


Sound too good to be true? 


Well, it’s not. 


I know because I’m living it, and so are my clients. 


And now, I’m sharing everything about how I

scaled my business and have made $1MM online,

working less than 10 hours a week.

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There are a lot of people who are good at making money on the internet.


But there are not a lot of people who are good at making money AND ALSO prioritizing their time,  while creating a business and life they truly love. One where they are making the income and impact they desire while still living their lives, rather than working, sacrificing and grinding their nervous systems into complete dysfunction. 


We all want to make the money -

but we also want to have the time to enjoy it all.


Because the money means nothing

if the pursuit of it robs you of the life you desire.


Online entrepreneurship does not have to require you to be

glued to your laptop or cell phone, living on social media,

and creating endless hours of content.


Whether you want to spend more time with family,
travel the world and enjoy it, or you’re building while working a full-time job - you can have a wildly profitable business in minimal time. 


I’m Kelly Mahalak, CEO of The 10 Hour Workweek.

My business was born out of my quest to solve my biggest problem: I was a newly divorced, single mom with full weekday custody of my 3 children - struggling with mental health issues.


I needed to pay the bills and support my household, but it was going to cost me more to pay for daycare and transportation than I could make at any job I had qualifications for - and depression, anxiety, and neurodivergencies made it feel impossible to live life and make money how other people did.


I decided right then and there that I was not going to become the stereotype of a poor, single mom with multiple jobs, cramming 4 people into a 1 bedroom apartment. 


So how does someone who is terrible at being an employee make a full-time income while also being a full-time stay at home single mom? 


She starts an internet business, of course!


So that’s what I did.


I spent the first few years throwing spaghetti at the wall, doing anything and everything I could think of to try to make it work. I spent 60 hours a week working and was making next to no money. 


But in 2020, I cracked the code and broke through to my first $10k months. 


The only problem was, in order to make $10k, I was glued to Zoom and Voxer all day long and then I still had to find time to do everything else my business required. I was drowning under the pressure of the industry, and felt like no matter what, it was never enough. All while trying to raise and homeschooling tiny humans. I was headed from exhaustion into burnout fast and I knew there had to be another way. 


But when I looked at my mentors and all of the other six-figure + earners in the industry, most of them seemed to spend their whole lives working. Even when they were "off" or on vacation,  they were online posting about it and using it to make pitches and sales, which never felt like true time off for me.

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There was a weird message about loving what you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work, so your hobby outside of work is work - and while I am fully obsessed with what I do, I still don’t want to do it all the time. 


I want to raise my kids.

I want to homeschool them.

I want to travel and actually be on vacation, not working. 

I want to read books.

I want to write a book.

I want to rest.


I want to live my life and enjoy all of the

beauty and freedom I’ve created.

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Except most online entrepreneurs aren’t building freedom; they’re simply building self-employed jobs where you are your own shitty and demanding boss. 


I wanted something different and I’m guessing you do too. So I created it. 


Over the last 4 years, I’ve discovered, embodied, and taught my unique leadership methodology for online entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their revenues while reducing their work hours. 


It allowed me to be a more present mother. 

I started a church.

I'm writing a book.

I do more things that I enjoy

I built a life I was madly in love with.


My clients healed from burnout.

They focused on health issues.

They worked with non-profits.

They spent time with their families.

They did more of what they love.

All while building successful 6 and multi-six figure businesses they love.


Because you can do so much when you have the time.


Whether you’re successful but struggling with overworking and burnout, operating at capacity…


If you’re just starting out and want to build your business sustainably

and with time freedom from the beginning…

If you're suffering from chronic illness, mental health,

neurodivergencies that make you feel like you can't keep up with the industry,

or you're just fucking tired of the hustle culture that is pleasure-based business

wrapped in lingerie and orgasms....


Or  anywhere  in  between…


The 10 Hour Workweek is the path to get you there.

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With 10 training modules that take you deep inside each of the 10 Pillars of the 10 Hour Workweek and 10 Live Coaching Calls (broken into two - five week sessions) to help you

troubleshoot, get your questions answered,

and shift your business in real-time - this group coaching program is designed to help you identify exactly what you need

(and don’t need) to have a six+ figure business in a way,

and with a schedule, that makes sense for you.. 


These pillars will save you time and make you more money no matter what stage of business you’re in or what your revenues are. 


And you’ll do it in an easeful way that doesn’t just have you doing pleasure practices - but creating a pleasure-filled life and business

that you love. 

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What if it actually gets to be THAT good? 


What if you could call in all of the money and clients you REALLY desire with no fear in your body - only trust and safety? 


This is what a 6 figure nervous system is.


The 10 Hour Workweek is a 10 week program starting

November 13th with the first content drop - with Live Calls held Wednesdays at 1 pm Eastern starting that same week.

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A 3 week holiday integration break will occur from December 18th, 2023 - January 7th, 2024 with the program resuming on it's normal schedule on January 8th, 2024.

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