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make more money

All of the success and money in the world means nothing if you have no time to enjoy any of it. If you started your online business so you could have more time and more freedom, just to end up working longer and harder than you ever have, without the results you dreamed of, you're not alone. You CAN have a successful, profitable business while living the life of your dreams. And I can help you do it.

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than your bullshit

Dreams and wishes are too often killed by excuses.  Your fear may be big but your vision is bigger. Choose to give up fear and surrender to love. To take massive, soul-inspired action toward your vision. Your life and your business depend on it. 

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get paid to 
Be Your Authentic Self

You are the secret sauce that your business needs. Your voice, your truth, and your stories act like a bat-signal that attracts your humans straight to you. Stop trying to do what everyone else is doing. Stop trying to sound like everyone else. Simply show up fully yourself, exactly as you are, and your unique energy will call your humans in, ready to work with you.


hey, i'm kelly

Spiritual Alignment

and Empowerment Coach


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You are not here to pay bills and die. You are not here to go to a job you hate and spend your  life stressed and worried. You are a change-maker. You are a disruptor. You are a healer. A breaker of chains. You were created for more. 

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